"It's too slow"

We’re now six months into Datomni past incorporation. We have some clients, minor successes, and a few failures under the belt. Slowly approaching 10 people on board.

As we sat down to do a midyear chat with Kacper, we immediately felt something wasn't quite right. As we were crunching through the issues, we agreed that we weren't challenging ourselves enough in terms of the know-how and technology development. We haven't been prioritizing for this aggressively enough.

At some point, one of us threw it’s too slow and the chat was set. From this point on, there was no hiding.

Later on I was thinking why this seemingly regular chat turned into such a personal, intimate discussion bordering on where we want to be in 5 years or more. I realised we may have not achieved a character-business fit.

Where business meets character

So much is being told these days about how wonderful it is to start a company. Not nearly enough is being talked about what genre of a company to start; what type of organisation one fits in with her strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. What kind of company one is actually able to grow.

There’s a whole buffet of company genres to pick from. Some people feel natural in a hyper-competitive startup and tech environment, where it’s not unusual to have just a few moonshots and a vast, acute graveyard. Other people prefer more reserved spaces, because they enjoy slower pace of things. Whenever I hear someone saying that one type of company is universally better for everyone than some other type, I typically immediately reduce my listening.

Before one starts worrying about product-market fit, one should focus on character-business fit.

I, for example, have never been balanced. I prefer slightly insane and high risk-high potential return environments, but it may change later, as I get older and gravity starts pulling me. I don't think it will though.