Things I like

Things I like. Post-2018 edition

Testing myself in nature

Cold seas

Looking at boat wakes

Taking steamy hot showers in the night

Black in a noisy cafe on a Sunday morning

Being dirty of work


Peak silence

Appreciation of my effort

Waking up in parents house

Room for mistakes

3AM at the office

High school prom pictures

Sleep in dim lit rooms

Knowing there's another thing to learn


Zooming in on things

Blow of wind on a forest ride

Extreme intimacy


Sparking synapses

Being feared by enemies


When no one knows what I read


Intensity in behaviour

Woman flipping hair in front of me

Arab tunes

Fourth+ glass

Looking up Latin phrases

Third order plans

People who know how to juggle logic and emotion

Wasting nights over one song

Muscles working

Old books and serif fonts

Memoryless help

Occasional memorylessness. Privately

White lace

Not giving up on people

Ignoring idiots and thots

Old rap

Lighting fires


I used this song to create a proper mood for this