Occasionaly I'm lucky


Built a thing →

Saw a fish

Scuba Diving


W Zurichu

Na wsi

Na wsi na Mazurach

Became a Samurai

Samurai Technology

Quite calm

Wrocław is calm

Did some minor rearrangements

Some minor rearrangements with Monika

We ate it all

Dinner with Michał in Barcelona

In 1859


Found my place to hide in Berlin

Place to hide in Berlin

Parted ways with Martyna
Met with parents :)

Kacper's birthday

Kacper's Birthday

"Zero optionality"

Onboarding Franek

Onboarding Franek

Digging into Origen's First Principles

Learning from the best. Met Ania

Visiting Mapbox

More hiring. Met Iza. Sick

Saw this

Morning in Warsaw

Dad's birthday

Final crew for Nepal expedition.

Nervous. Realised loose ends drive me nuts. Since quite recently though.

"Grey people"

Met Franek. Hiring.

Met Miłosz.

Meeting Piotr, good chat.

Martyna wrote back. After 7 years.

Christmas Time. I love my mother. Defined my goal for 2018. Ended conflict with Norbert.

Friendship with Kacper getting stronger. Meeting Iza. Moving to a new office. Rethinking 2017. Adapting morning routine to winter.

Meeting Michał. New blog post at Datomni. Preparing for the next Datomni meetup.

New Dreamers & Executors site launches. New blog post at Datomni. Good UX work at TripOwn.

520 members in the Datomni community in Berlin.

Meetup #71 at Dreamers & Executors.

New Datomni post launched.

Bike trip.

Meetup #70 at Dreamers & Executors.
Datomni blog launches.

Launched this page.
Discovered Shakey Graves.

Mum's birthday.

Rospuda Valley kayak trip with Dreamers & Executors.