My idea of the good life is one of education and creativity combined to execute on the forward thinking and adventurous initiatives.

In terms of education I have background in graduate level data science (statistics and data analysis) and philosophy. I don't know when I became interested in numbers and thinking for the first time. Probably in high school, because that's when I tried everything. I graduated the high school with the highest possible grade from the HL Mathematics IB exam and one of the top overall grades. I've been throwing fire on this interest many time since, often by collaborating with or learning from interesting people. Among those was ex-CEO of the National Bank in Poland, prof. Balcerowicz, who awarded my data-based project with a national prize. I actively compete in the Kaggle data platform. A spot in the top 3 results globally is still beyond my reach, but I'm making good progress every week.

If education is the construction or framing of my life, creativity is the green roof and green walls. It gives me oxygen, reduces carbon dioxide from burnt days and years, makes life sustainable, and provides sound and thermal isolation when they become needed.

I understand creativity as a set of instances of forward thinking acted upon in a brave and bold way. I fill my life with creativity of this kind professionally and casually.

In the professional sense, I use it every day as a co-founder at Datomni and TripOwn. At Datomni, we help dynamic companies grow in a 2 or 3-digit pace using data, statistical modelling, and empathetic storytelling. I also lead the community of over 650 passionate data scientists and analysts in Berlin, Vilnius and Brussels who support the mission of Datomni. We hold our meetups at Number26 HQ. At TripOwn, we're building a machine learning based mobile app to help people fill their trips and explorations with moments they'll love and remember forever. We're fortunate to be supported by an engaged face-to-face community of over 2000 people based in Berlin. In its former embodiment, TripOwn was the official travel app of Poznań (the third biggest city in Poland), and was used by over 5000 people to create their exploration guides in 10 cities around the world. It's also served as a trip planning platform for over 100 hotels in Cracow, New York City, and Paris. If you're curious how it worked, check out this or that video. The new version will launch in Q4 2017.

In the realm of casual creativity, I lead the dynamic volunteer group called Dreamers & Executors. I think we're on a quest to make the world a more creative place. I respect members them for their journeys, their ambition, and their bold, creative movement forward. It's already over 450 of us. The community is based in Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Chicago, and San Francisco. We come from 14 countries including Taiwan, Colombia, and the city-state of Singapore. We have 3 big projects finished. We provided on-site workshops to the Tanzanian students. We proposed a solution to the problem of terrorism. I've recently did an interview about the group. I think there're very few things that are impossible in a community like that.

This site and the way it's designed may seem as if I had something very important or elaborate to say. I don’t. I'm just trying to make sense of the world around me and use this place to keep track of how my naiveté evolved over the years. The louder I'll laugh re-reading the previous posts in a few years time, the better.